People reveal the most ridiculous requests customers have demanded


If you have ever worked in retail or hospitality, you’ll know that annoying customers with absurd requests are almost part of the job description. 

Now Twitter users from around the world have shared their personal stories of the bizarre and downright ridiculous things customers have demanded in a thread. 

It was kickstarted by Canadian comedian Isabel Zaw-Tun who her followers:  ‘What’s the most ridiculous demand a customer has made of you?’

She went on to reveal her own personal story of woe, revealing: ‘I’ll go first: when I was working retail, a woman once demanded I pick her up from her Botox appointment with my car and bring her to the mall to shop.’

‘I should add, she framed this like a GREAT opportunity for me because she would shop with me and I would make great sales and was baffled when I said no (because I… no longer worked there).’

The tweet quickly went viral, with hundreds of hospitality workers revealing the most ridiculous requests they’ve heard while on shift.  

One user commented: ‘I had a customer who would come in twice a week and order a lukewarm latte with one shot espresso, shot decaf, 2 splenda, 1 Equal and three ice cubes. She would take a drink and complain it was too hot every time.’

Another revealed: ‘Working at a children’s toy store a mom came in to return a yo-yo claiming it was “Broken”, I examined the toy, found nothing wrong, then played with the yo-yo in front of her. I was just like “I dunno, it’s working now.”‘

Another revealed: ‘I had someone return a fully consumed Rotisserie Turkey. They said it was dry. So they wanted their money back.’

One commented: ‘Customer’s child is doing a project on dinosaurs. Customer cannot believe we don’t have a single book with actual photographs of real dinosaurs.’ 

Another explained: ‘While working at a bakery, my friend was asked to put a loaf of sliced bread into the oven to bake it back into a single loaf.’ 


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