Pervert chiropractor who secretly filmed hundreds of his female clients is jailed for 10 years


A perverted chiropractor with ‘an insatiable desire for breasts’ has been jailed for 10 years after secretly filming hundreds of female clients for his own sexual thrill.

Peter Wayne Snodgrass claimed making the videos helped him cope with the death of his wife from cancer, and filmed girls as young as 11.

He even wrote cruel labels for the videos, writing demeaning notes such as ‘hot MILF’ and ’14 and hot’.   

Snodgrass told the court he ‘just wanted to see more boobs’ and watched huge amounts of pornography, but had been ‘reckless’ as to the age of his victims.

The father-of-three admitted to indecently filming hundreds of clients without their permission for years at his practice in Rostrevor, north-east of Adelaide.

Giving disturbing details of his crimes, the 52-year-old told Adelaide’s Supreme Court he would hide a secret camera inside a clock to film his client’s undressing.  

He later downloaded the footage to his personal hard drive, where he would comment on their age and looks.  

The sex-proclaimed sex addict even bought a special pen with a camera hidden inside, and took pictures of clients as he massaged them. 

Snodgrass told the court his preference was filming women’s breasts because ‘breasts have always been my sexual preference’.

‘I was watching a lot of porn and I guess I wanted to see more boobs,’ he said. 

At the same time, he was visiting prostitutes and watching a large amount of pornography following the death of his wife from cancer.

Jailing him for his ‘voracious voyeurism’, he was sentenced him to 10 years in prison as well as undergoing counselling, the Advertiser reported. 

He pleaded guilty to an astonishing 216 charges, including indecent filming and production of child exploitation material.

Outside the court, one victim said Snodgrass’ sentence had given her closure. 

‘I think of him like a speck on the bottom of my shoe now, he’s not my problem,’ she told ABC.

‘I get to go and have a nice lunch and a drink after this and he can go and sit in his cell.  

‘I will never forgive him for what he’s done to me and my family but I don’t need to live with it, it’s done for me now.’

Justice Anne Bampton said: ‘Your conduct was persistent and voracious voyeurism.

‘Your insatiable desire for breasts (caused you to) transgress personal and professional boundaries. 

‘This was a gross invasion of privacy and dignity.’ 

Many of his victims came to the Adelaide court to see him jailed. 

In a victim impact statement, one woman described his offending as ‘calculated, planned and repetitive’.

‘What gives you the right to prey on women for your own gratification,’ she said.

At a previous hearing, Snodgrass read an apology to the court, blaming years of unresolved grief and trauma for his crimes.

‘I made a terrible mistake in getting lost in the world of pornography and sexual gratification to numb out my emotional pain,’ he said.

‘I will never take what I’ve done lightly… it makes me feel sick and self-repugnant.’ 



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