Pet owner faces spending $30,000 on a vet bill after her beloved cat was attacked by a vicious dog 


A pet owner has been left with a $30,000 vet bill after their cat was mauled by a dog so brutally the feline had to crawl home with his intestines hanging out.

Carley Kaizen said her two-year-old cat Alvin was in an on-leash section of Waiatarua Reserve in Auckland on January 21 when he was mauled by a dog.

Alvin was left with a femur completely snapped off and puncture wounds that later led to a series of deadly infections.

Ms Kaizen told Daily Mail Australia it was only when her partner Shannon Kemp awoke to their cat screaming for help after he climbed over a fence and through their pet door that they knew something was wrong.

Alvin was immediately taken to the vet where his owners were told the young cat had a five per cent chance of survival.

‘They had to amputate the leg and they did have to fix the hernia,’ she said.

‘The skin under the wound was super infected and every time they cut away the wound it was just infect again.’

The vet bills quickly start adding up as Alvin underwent several expensive and extensive operations with even his bandage changes setting the owners back $1,400 every day.

Ms Kaizen said regardless of the cost she and her partner simply wanted to wanted to give back the love he had already given to them. 

‘Some people pay that amount of money for a car or a student loan debt and we don’t have any of that, so we decided to spend that on giving him that fighting chance,’ she said.

‘My partner is a non-emergency police call operator and Alvin has been really important to her to help deal with the stress.’ 

The couple have set up a Give A Little page to help recoup some of the costs, with over $12,000 currently donated. 

Alvin has now slowly started to recover and is able to eat food outside of a tube but is still not used to his missing leg.

‘The vets have been shocked and excited, he’s one of the longest patients they’ve ever had,’ she said.  

Despite the horrific attack Ms Kaizen, a dog owner herself, said she wishes no harm on the vicious dog or its owner and only wants people to be responsible. 

‘At the end of the day we don’t want a man hunt for whoever this is, it’s not the dog’s fault but it is important that people keep their dogs on leashes,’ she said.


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