Pet owners share heartwarming transformation shots of emaciated rescue dogs


Pet owners have shared heartbreaking photos that reveal the desperate condition their dogs were in before being rescued and taken into a love home. 

Animals lovers from across the globe have posted in the BeforeNAfterAdoption thread on Reddit, sharing harrowing photos of their pets looking malnourished, emaciated and abused.

But the after shots show how much a loving home can make a difference, with the dogs looking healthy, happy and worlds away from their former self.

Many of the dogs were rescued from the streets, puppy farms or even the meat trade in Asia before finding happiness with kindhearted new owners. 

Before shots are truly heart-wrenching, showing dogs living in terrible conditions with matted fur, skin infections and bones poking through their skin.

Other photos show dogs looking scared as they cowered in cages at local animal shelters, looking worlds away from the excitable animals they have been transformed into.

But the after shots are bound to melt your hearts with many dogs looking excitable and loved in their forever homes. 


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