Peter Farrawell-Smith from Gosford posts Snapchat of ex-wife’s sister giving him oral sex


A husband who shared an explicit photo of his ex-wife’s sister giving him oral sex has been jailed. 

Peter Farrawell-Smith, 35, was found guilty of posting the unsolicited photo to Snapchat captioned, ‘wife cheats on me, her sister sucks my c*** haha’.

The father-of-two appeared with his pregnant girlfriend in Gosford Local Court in the Central Coast where Magistrate Alan Railton described the offence as ‘just nasty’.

‘It’s a nasty offence, a degrading offence, an absolute gross breach of trust,’ he said, Daily Telegraph reported.

‘He has photographed her performing intimate acts without her knowledge.’ 

The court heard Farrawell-Smith, who was arrested in November 2019, began messaging his wife’s sister when they separated, asking her for sex. 

The pair eventually met at his place in March and April of last year where he recorded the sex acts without her permission. 

‘On one occasion the accused secretly video recorded the victim performing oral sex on him,’ the facts read.

‘The victim was unaware of the video recording.’

They met up again in April when Farrawell-Smith video recorded oral sex and sexual intercourse, the publication reported. 

Farrawell-Smith continued to invite his ex-wife’s sister over in May, June and July, but she didn’t show up. 

His ex-wife confronted both her sister and Farrawell-Smith and reported the incident to police. 

Magistrate Railton sentenced Farrawell-Smith to six months’ jail and a community corrections order for 18 months. 

Farrawell-Smith appealed the decision and was released on bail while waiting for an appeal hearing on March 3. 


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