PM urges Brits to slim down after report claims overweight people are FIVE times more likely to die from coronavirus


BORIS Johnson urged Britain to slim down yesterday as a review suggested the high Covid-19 death toll was due to bulging waistlines.

The Public Health England report warns fat people are up to five times more likely to die from coronavirus than someone of a healthy weight.

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Mr Johnson said: “We need to tackle our struggle with obesity.

“Typically, our great country tends to be ­fatter than many other countries in Europe.

“Losing weight is one of the ways that you can reduce your own risks from Covid.”

More than six in ten UK adults are too fat, the highest in Western Europe and among the worst globally.

The Government will launch a major obesity crackdown next week, including restrictions on some TV ads and in-store deals.

PHE experts found Covid gets riskier the more overweight someone is, with even a little excess weight posing a danger. 



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