Police scrambled to reports of 6ft PANTHER on loose in Sussex park – only to find it is huge stuffed toy


COPS were scrambled to reports of a terrifying six-foot PANTHER on the loose in a park – only to find it was a stuffed toy.

Officers were notified of an “apex predator” roaming a park in Steyning, West Sussex in the dead of night.

Local police arrived at the scene at around 3am this morning only to find it was a false alarm.

A picture shows the huge stuffed toy lit up in headlights, with its hind legs hanging off the back of the park bench.

Sussex Police said: “Reports of a large apex predator in the Steyning area turned out to be true.

“It may be a stuffed toy, but the attending officers didn’t necessarily know that at first.”

Locals expressed their relief that the find turned out to be a cuddly toy cat.

One Twitter user wrote: “Omg.

“Especially at night when things don’t look how they’re supposed to. Glad it was only a stuffed toy.”


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