Police Spoil Scottish Pub’s Takeaway Pints Opening Plan


A pub in Edinburgh’s sunny Leith has been shut by police, after attempting to get around the Everything Must Close state by… opening. But just for an hour or two, here and there, and people have to carry their beer home in mugs and rinsed-out milk jugs. But oh dear, someone’s noticed and gone to the police.

The Malt & Hops appears to have been running impromptu takeaway afternoon pint sessions since late March, as the first message to “Bring as many containers as you can carry” to the £1 cellar-emptying session was posted on the pub’s Facebook page on March 27. There was another on April 4 accompanied by the slightly worrying promise that “Kev will look after you,” then another on April 7.

It’s the most recent carryout from yesterday that hit the news, though, mostly thanks to three police cars turning up to tell them it’s breaking some sort of law on selling beer through a window or a half-open door or in the wrong metric-equivalent quantity that hasn’t been tested since 1873. Is it the draft taste or the thrill of being a bit of a local bad boy that’s getting people out for the beers? [Edinburgh Live]


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