Poll: Do you agree with vaccinating people using an age-based system?


The government changed the vaccine rollout plan yesterday.

THE GOVERNMENT YESTERDAY announced a change to the strategy that will see people vaccinated across the country in the coming months.

The plan will see the removal of some categories in the original 15-cohort strategy, and will mean most people will now be vaccinated by their age, as opposed to their job.

The government says the move will improve the efficiency of the vaccine rollout, arguing that vaccinating by age group will allow for a more streamlined process than doing so by profession as set out in the 15-stage plan.

However, some have expressed anger with the new strategy, saying it will prioritse certain sectors over frontline workers such as gardaí and teachers.

Today we’re asking: Do you agree with the government’s plan to vaccinate people based on their age instead of their profession?

Poll Results:

Yes (1977)

No (678)

I’m not sure (226)


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