Poll: Do you check emails and take phone calls for work when you’re ‘out of hours’?


A new code aims to give employees the right to switch off from today.

A NEW CODE of conduct which aims to give employees the right to disconnect when they’re not working comes into effect from today.

The practice, which applies to all types of employment, is part of attempts to bring about a better work-life balance for workers.

It means employees no longer have to respond immediately to emails, telephone calls or other messages when they are not working – if they don’t want to.

However, some may find this more difficult than others depending on their job.

Today we’re asking: do you check your work emails and take phone calls related to your job, even when you’re outside of office hours?

Poll Results:

Yes, all the time (1102)

Yes, but only sometimes (684)

No (401)

Yes, only when there’s an emergency (193)


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