Poll: Which chocolate is the best chocolate?


What will you be gorging on today?

EASTER IS HERE. The sun is out, Jesus is risen, and after 40 days of giving up the good stuff, today will see people return to the most delicious treat of all: chocolate.

There may be a shortage of eggs to buy (sorry if you were hoping to get one), but if you managed to nab one ahead of this weekend, you’ll know there’s an embarrassment of options to feast on.

Everyone has their own personal preference, but for the day that’s in it, it’s absolutely essential to find out which one is the king of chocolate.

Today we’re asking: Which chocolate is the best chocolate?

Poll Results:

Cadbury’s (431)

Lindt (267)

Something else (90)

Galaxy (87)

Kinder (39)

None (28)

Mars (14)

Nestlé (9)


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