Pranksters ride to France on London ‘Boris Bikes’ and make it back within 24 hours to avoid £300 fine


PRANKSTERS hired London “Boris Bikes” to ride to France and made it back within 24 hours to avoid a £300 fine.

Pals Ben Morris and Glenn Smeeth shared footage of the cheeky adventure on YouTube.

The pair beat the clock to dodge the hefty penalty under the rules of the cycle hire scheme, known as Boris Bikes after ex-London mayor Boris Johnson.

Their footage has been watched over 200,000 times.

Ben, 19, and Glenn, 21, cycled 90 miles from Elephant and Castle in South East London to the Eurotunnel train at Folkestone, with an overnight stop halfway at an Airbnb in Maidstone, Kent.

Another pal gave them a lift for the last five miles.

After arriving in France, they filmed themselves on Calais beach before racing back in the friend’s car.

Ben told The Sun: “It was really physically hard to do.”

He says in the video: “I think Boris would actually be quite impressed.

“We are putting the bike to good use.”

He adds: “We’re not actually breaking the rules — I’m pretty sure.

“It says you must return a bike within 24 hours and it doesn’t say you can’t take it out the country.”

The tyres were covered in seaweed and sand as they returned to a pick-up point with minutes to spare.

The pair spent £184 on the bikes, paying £2 for each half-hour they had them.

Last year, a cyclist drove one of the three-gear Boris Bikes to France, rode it up a Tour de France mountain stage and made it back to London within 24 hours.

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