Primary school student bites into an apple and nearly chokes on a SEWING PIN


A primary school student who bit into an apple was shocked to find a sewing pin in the fruit. 

The child, from Quinns Beach Primary School in the north of Perth, found the pin at about 11.15am on Thursday, Perth Now reported. 

The Department of Education confirmed the student was not injured by the pin and the school has reported the incident to police. 

Principal Trudy Burke sent an email to parents confirming the finding and as a precaution would not be providing the students with supplied fruit. 

WA Police are urging the public to be careful when eating fruit following last year’s fruit contamination across Australia. 

The first strawberry incident was reported in September and a further 230 cases were reported nationwide, impacting 68 strawberry brands.

Forty-nine brands were Queensland-based. In Queensland, 77 incidents were reported. Of those, 15 were believed to be a hoax or a false complaint.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a maximum of 15 years’ jail for anyone found guilty of contaminating food. 

‘It’s not a joke, it’s not funny. You are putting the livelihoods of hard-working Australians at risk, and you are scaring children… and you’re a coward and a grub,’ he said. 

‘This is a shocking and cowardly thing for this individual and others who have jumped onto the bandwagon here to have engaged in.’

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said the estimated farm gate value of Queensland strawberries had declined by 8 per cent for 2018 to 2019, worth around $12million. 

Mr Furner described the damage as ‘significant’ despite the best efforts from farmers to ensure consumers safety. 

‘The damage was significant and I guess to some extent it was good that it was toward the end of the season,’ he said.

‘A lot of concern was around needle contamination.’

My Ut Trinh, known as Judy, was arrested in December after a two-month police investigation allegedly linked her DNA to the first needle discovered in Australian strawberries.  

She has been charged with seven counts of contamination of goods – between September 2 to 5 – with intent to cause economic loss.

Trinh’s lawyer Michael Cridland made a bail application but withdrew it after magistrate Christine Roney advised it was ‘premature’ because the motivation behind the alleged contamination was still unclear.

‘The case that was put is that she was motivated by some fight or revenge,’ Ms Roney said.

If found guilty, Trinh could face 10 years in jail. 


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