Prince Andrew cancels annual golfing holiday to Spain as he’s ‘nervous’ to go abroad during Epstein investigation


PRINCE Andrew has cancelled his annual Spanish golf holiday because he’s scared to go abroad during the Epstein investigation.

He stayed at a friend’s Costa del Sol mansion last year —  days after paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell.

But a palace insider said Andrew, 60, has shelved this year’s trip as he is “nervous” of leaving the UK after the US Justice Department made an official request  to question him as a witness about Epstein. 

His anxiety only increased after the arrest this week of friend Ghislaine Maxwell over her alleged roles in Epstein’s sex offences.

She’s said to have introduced Andrew to Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, who claims she slept with the royal at 17.

The duke denies the allegations and his lawyers say they have offered to provide a witness statement to the DOJ. But media lawyer Mark Stevens claims the request to speak to Andrew may be “a trap” to get him over to the US.

He said: “They know they can’t extradite him. What they’re trying to do is get him over voluntarily and, if they think they’ve got enough evidence, charge him there.

“He’s not a witness, he’s a covert target of this operation.”

The palace insider said it’s “unlikely” Andrew will leave the UK for some time and will “never travel to the US again”.

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