Prince Harry and Meghan branded ‘whingers’ over long list of gripes in bombshell biography


PRINCE Harry and Meghan were yesterday branded a pair of “whingers” over their long list of gripes in a bombshell biography.

As Buckingham Palace stayed silent, more details emerged of the Sussexes’ complaints about royal life.

They were said to have been ­furious at Harry losing his military titles and being snubbed by William and Kate, among other whines.

Finding Freedom was co-written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn ­Durand, who were briefed by Harry and Meghan’s pals.

We can reveal senior aides feel the royals have been “stabbed in the back”.

The book, serialised by The Times and Sunday Times, has been dubbed “the gospel according to Harry and Meghan” by courtiers.

Meghan is quoted: “I gave up my entire life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it takes.”

The book lays bare the tension between the couple and Prince William, as well as Meghan and Kate, and recounts a frosty exchange at a polo event last July.

As William and Harry competed, Meghan and Kate watched from the sidelines. The book says: “The two duchesses’ relationship had struggled to move past the distant politeness of when they first met.

“Their cordial but distant rapport was apparent when they appeared at the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day. While the doting mothers were photographed next to each other with their children, the two appeared to barely exchange a word.”

The book says the Sussexes, who were given Frogmore Cottage, were also angry at being barred from establishing their own team in Windsor, separate from all others.

It says: “Senior officials quickly ruled out that option.”

More offence was taken at Harry and Meghan’s final joint royal engagement — for the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey on March 9.

They were not included in the procession of senior royals, with ­sources saying it was because they were stepping down.

But the book says: “The decision had been made without their consultation. This year it would be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince of Wales, and the Duchess of Cornwall walking through the abbey with the Queen.

“It felt ­intentional. ‘Harry was more than disappointed,’ a friend said.”

The book says there was further irritation when they took their seats. It claims: “While Harry and Meghan both greeted William and Kate with smiles, the Cambridges showed little response.

“William and Kate sat with their backs to the couple, only turning around to chat with Prince Edward and Sophie, next to the Sussexes.

“They purposefully chose not to put them in the procession and not be welcoming. It was most unpleasant.”

The book says Harry emailed the Queen and Charles before Christmas to say they wanted to change how they worked.

Harry and Meghan were then reportedly upset because they did not feature in a festive photo line-up.

The authors write: “One didn’t have to look further than the ­family photos displayed during the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day.”

They go on: “Viewers glimpsed the Cambridges and their children, Charles and Camilla, Prince Philip and George VI. Noticeably absent was a photo of Harry, Meghan and their new son Archie.”

Insiders said the pictures illustrated line of succession, and were not a snub.

But the book says: “For Harry and Meghan, it had been yet another sign that they needed to consider their own path.”

The couple spent the festive ­period in Canada before jetting back to the UK on January 6.

They were then said to be angry that the Queen had said she was not available until January 29.

The book claims Harry whined to a source, who said: “He felt like he was being blocked.” On January 8, The Sun revealed the Sussexes were “actively considering their future role in the Royal Family”.

That prompted them to release a statement on Instagram — which caused tension with William, according to the authors.

Harry and Meghan were then upset by a “lack of warmth” in a statement from Buckingham Palace.

It was against this backdrop that Harry attended a summit at ­Sandringham, along with the Queen, Charles and William.

The Queen showed her support for Harry and Meghan — but made it clear a “half in half out” role would not work for them.

Harry is said to have been distraught at losing his military titles, which included being Captain ­General of the Royal Marines.

The book quotes a courtier as saying: “They thought they could give Charles their rider, negotiate over email, rock up to London, give three months’ notice and fly back to Canada.”

The writers say: “The most demoralising aspect of the deal was Harry being stripped of his honorary military appointments.

“That’s been a tough pill to ­swallow and one that has been the most painful to Meghan to witness him going through.”

Harry is also said to have been upset by his brother’s attitude, with the book claiming William, 38, did not want to get closely involved.

Royal author Phil Dampier said yesterday the couple can expect “little sympathy”.

He added: “This book is propaganda for Harry and Meghan. We are treated to one long whinge based on recycled anecdotes and unnamed ‘confidantes’.”

A spokesman for the Sussexes said they “were not interviewed and did not contribute to the book”.

He added: “It is based on the authors’ own experiences as members of the royal press corps and their own independent reporting.”

Buckingham Palace said: “It is not an authorised book and therefore not something we will be commenting on.”         

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