Prince Harry and Meghan Markle come across as a pair of self-pitying divas


HARRY and Meghan have failed to grasp that duty must go with royal privilege.

Before their exit from The Firm they were the golden couple that could have had almost anything.

But in Finding Freedom, the new book which appears to have their seal of approval, they come across as a pair of self-pitying divas ready to whinge at the least perceived slight.

They felt snubbed and ignored by other royals and were at war with the old Palace guard, regarded by one of their pals as “vipers”.

Instead of sticking it out and modernising the monarchy from within, however, they threw an epic tantrum and fled to a luxury life thousands of miles away in California.

At one point, Harry is quoted as telling a friend: “I don’t need to have that movie moment where we get out of a car and wave to a hundred photographers before going into a building.”

What a contrast to the hard work William and Kate have done during the Covid epidemic.

And it is completely at odds with the devotion to duty exemplified by the Queen over her 68-year reign.

Her dedication to public service and magnificent TV address during the ­epidemic have been nothing short of a national inspiration.

Finding Freedom reveals the extent to which the Harry and Meghan rift devastated the Queen, and this self-serving book will only add to her anguish.

Is this really what our 94-year-old monarch deserves?

BRITAIN needs all the cash it can get its hands on to prop up the faltering economy.

So thank goodness we have quit the EU or we would be facing an eye-watering additional burden of £55billion.

That’s what Brussels would expect us to underwrite in its new bailout package for Covid-hit countries.

It is more than double the £20billion contribution we used to owe them.

Without Brexit we’d also have to cough up billions more for the EU’s bloated budget for the next seven years.

Perhaps Remoaners will finally admit that such demands would cripple the UK?

Don’t hold your breath.

MINISTERS are to be applauded for telling doctors to be blunt with overweight patients.

A word from the doc will do far more to persuade us to shed the pounds than any number of nannying NHS campaigns or PHE dictats.

They are best placed to press home the message that we must be get fitter to fight any new upsurges of Covid-19.

After all, if you can’t trust a doctor, who can you trust?

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