Prince Harry Responds To Mishandling Charity Fund Complaints: ‘Defamatory And Insulting’


Prince Harry finds the recent complaints against him and how he handled the funds for his charity “deeply offensive.”

Republic, an anti-monarchy group, accused Prince Harry and Prince William of inappropriately using the over $350,000 fund for Sussex Royal and The Royal Foundation after their split.

The group was referring to the money amounting to $183,000 that The Royal Foundation gave to Sussex Royal and another $183, 057 to Prince Harry’s non-charitable organization, Travalyst. Now that the Sussexes are no longer in the U.K. and their own charity is closing, the group accused Prince Harry of “taking the charity money with him.”

Prince Harry’s rep responded to the allegations by highlighting the royal’s committment to the charities he works with. The spokesperson also called the claims against the Sussexes “false.”

“The Duke of Sussex has always and continues to remain deeply committed to his charitable work,” the spokesperson of Prince Harry’s legal team, Schillings, said in a statement to Newsweek.

“This is his life’s focus, and his devotion to charity is at the very core of the principles he lives by, and is obvious through the impact and success of his many charitable projects throughout the UK and beyond.”

The spokesperson added that the allegations were defamatory and insulting to Prince Harry and those he works with.

“To this point, it is deeply offensive to today see false claims made about The Duke of Sussex and his charitable work. It is both defamatory and insulting to all the outstanding organisations and people he has partnered with,” the spokesperson continued.

Prince Harry’s legal team said that Travalyst is a nonprofit organization and the royal receives no commercial or financial gain from it, just like his other charities.

“The Duke has not, nor has he ever, had any personal financial interest in his charitable work. All of The Duke’s charitable activities are fully transparent as well as compliant with Charity Commission guidelines, and moreover with his own moral compass,” the spokesperson added.

This isn’t the first time Republic went after the Sussexes. In March 2018, the same group asked the officials to not spend a dime of public money for Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding. According to them, “a royal wedding is a private, personal event, dressed up as a national occasion.”

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, also wanted a peaceful protest during Prince Harry and Markle’s big day.

“Your assurance that a royal wedding is no grounds for banning peaceful protest will be welcomed, not just by protesters or republicans, but by millions of people who believe the right to protest is a fundamental part of British life,” he said.


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