Princess Diana’s bridesmaid ‘was guest on Jeffery Epstein’s ‘paedo island’ and says she was ‘lucky to escape’ abuse


A BRIDESMAID for Princess Diana has said she made a “lucky” escape after being a guest on Jeffrey Epstein’s “paedo island”.

Clemmie Hambro took two flights on the disgraced paedo’s jet – but claimed she did not suffer or witness any abuse at the hands of the financier.

According to the Daily Mail, Miss Hambro was left “completely horrified” by the revelations of Epstein’s conduct, and said her “heart breaks for all the survivors”.

Clemmie Hambro was Princess Diana’s youngest bridesmaid at her wedding with Prince Charles in July 1981.

Flight logs seen by the Mail show that she flew on Epstein’s jet after visiting his ranch in New Mexico and his Little St James island, known to locals as “Paedo island”.

Epstein’s island of Little St James lies between St Thomas and St John, two of the largest islands of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

The 78-acre island was bought by the financier in 1998 for an estimated $7.95million and was owned by him until his death in 2019.

Miss Hambro’s first flight, from Epstein’s “New Zorro” ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico to Teterboro airport in New York, was taken on February 21, 1999 with two other women as well as Epstein himself. 

She said the New Mexico trip was a “work trip” to help the financier decide which art to buy for the ranch. 

The second trip, meanwhile, took place on March 21 when she flew from St Thomas – used by Epstein to reach Little St James island- to Teterboro airport.

She said this trip was a “personal invitation”, adding that she “didn’t know anyone there and “didn’t really enjoy myself”. 

According to the records, Epstein was present on both flights. 

I was young and naive, and could not conceive of what was to unfold

Epstein’s longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who is awaiting trial for allegedly aiding Epstein’s abuse, was also present for one of the trips.

The now married mum-of-four was a 23-year old employee at Christie’s auction house in New York when she made the trips in 1999.

Miss Hambro’s contact details were also listed in Epstein’s infamous “Little Black Book”, according to the Mail.

A statement from Miss Hambro read: “The first flight was a work trip with female colleagues to look at Epstein’s new home in Santa Fe to discuss what art he was going to buy.

“The second trip, to Little St James, was a personal invitation, which I thought would be fun to accept, but I didn’t know anyone there, didn’t really enjoy myself, and never went back. My heart breaks for all the survivors, now I know what happened on that island.

“In the course of those two trips, I was not abused, nor did I see anyone abused, or anything untoward happen, with minors or otherwise. I have been completely horrified about the revelations of his conduct since then. I was clearly very lucky, my heart goes out to those who were abused by him, and I trust they get the justice they so deserve.”

She added: “I was young and naive, and could not conceive of what was to unfold.”

There is no suggestion she was involved in any wrongdoing.

Epstein bought the island of Little St James more than two decades ago, transforming it into a high-security private oasis.

Court papers allege that “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well known prime minister and other world leaders” have visited the island before.

It is alleged that the American lawyer and academic Alan Dershowitz was seen on the island – a claim he has repeatedly denied.

Epstein’s alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, is also said to visited the island a number of times.

Bombshell legal papers also claim that former president Bill Clinton once flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy” island with “two young girls”, The Sun reported last week.

In the documents Epstein “victim” Virginia Giuffre (Roberts) says the former US president visited Epstein’s infamous private Caribbean Island.


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