Priti Patel tells MPs that there is “no quick fix” and offers British “officers on the ground.”


Priti Patel tells MPs that there is “no quick fix” and that British “officers on the ground” have been offered.

Following yesterday’s Channel tragedy, Home Secretary Sajid Javid made a statement to the House.

Following the deaths of at least 27 people attempting to cross the Channel yesterday, Home Secretary Priti Patel is making a statement to the House of Commons.

She expressed the UK government’s “deep sorrow” over the tragedy, but cautioned that the migrant crisis has “no quick fix” and that it requires “a coordinated international effort.”

“What happened yesterday was a terrible shock; it was not unexpected, but it serves as a reminder of how vulnerable people are when they are in the hands of criminal gangs,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid told MPs.

“There’s no quick fix, either.”

It’s about dealing with long-term pull factors, busting criminal gangs that treat people like cargo, and addressing supply chains.”

Ms Patel said she spoke with her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin again this morning, offering “unwavering and generous support to France.”

“I’ve reached out to France and made my offer clear in terms of joint UK-France cooperation and joint patrols to prevent these dangerous journeys,” she said.

“I’ve offered to work with France to put officers on the ground and do whatever it takes to secure the area so that vulnerable people don’t risk their lives by boarding unseaworthy boats,” he says.

Ms Patel also stated that she had pressed her counterparts in Paris for a return agreement, allowing migrants to be returned to their home countries.

She claimed that France has been offered a return agreement on multiple occasions, with special attention paid to family reunions and children.

She stated that over 20,000 border crossings have been halted this year, and that the UK has dismantled 17 organized criminal groups, resulting in over 400 arrests and 65 convictions.

The Home Secretary pledged to “do whatever it takes” to address the crisis, and did not rule out the use of controversial pushback tactics, in which migrant boats are told to turn back at sea before reaching Britain if UK Border Force patrol commanders deem it safe to do so.

“I haven’t ruled anything out,” she said, adding, “Greece.

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Priti Patel tells MPs that there is “no quick fix” and that she has offered British “officers on the ground” to help.

Channel deaths: Priti Patel tells MPs there is ‘no quick fix’ and has offered British ‘officers on the ground’

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