Prominent Apple Insider Casts Doubt On Rumored Imminent iMac Launch


A reliable Apple insider doubted a recent rumor claiming that the Cupertino company might launch the new iMac this week. An industry insider claimed earlier that Apple would launch the new Intel iMac this week. The claim also mentioned that the upcoming iMac with 10th generation Intel chip inside would not feature any significant redesign.

iMac Launch Not Happening This Week?

On Sunday, Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser shared through a tweet that the rumored release of Apple’s new  iMac  reportedly happening this week is not going to happen. The reliable Apple insider further said in another tweet that fans who would like to see the new iMac should keep an eye on it in August. While Prosser does not agree on the imminent launch of the iMac this week, he nods on the claim that the forthcoming device would not feature a major redesign.

It can be recalled that tipster Soybes first tweeted that the tech giant is preparing to launch the new iMac “this week.” The tweet further suggested that the launch could happen in the earlier part of the week. Another insider named Jioriku claimed in a tweet that the redesign is not coming on the new iMac with 10th generation Intel chip, claiming that Apple is saving the major redesign for the iMac housing its proprietary Apple Silicon.

Other Details

While the industry insiders have varying claims, the consensus is that a product launch from Apple is well underway. Prominent industry insider Lovetodream earlier said that some Apple products are ready to ship. Meanwhile, Taiwan-based publication Digitimes said that new models of iPad and iMac are releasing sometime in the second half of this year.


— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) July 26, 2020

Apple has not yet offered any statement or reaction about these claims. While these details are interesting, it is worth mentioning that these are not official. In this case, it is safer to take these details with a pinch of salt.


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