Pub Chain Goes Rogue and Promises July 4 Reopening Regardless of Government Rules


If you haven’t noticed that alcohol is readily available in supermarkets and are missing the taste and the spiralling sense of irresponsibility a few beers trigger, your luck’s in. One pub chain is promising to reopen on July 4 no matter what the government says, and the even better news is that it’s not Wetherspoons, so you won’t have to break your promise never to go in a JDW on day one of actually being able to do so.

It’s the decision of Oakman Inns, which operates 25 venues throughout England. The company’s CEO announced the move himself in what looks like a bit of a sulk on social media, where he said: “So Oakman Inns will be opening all sites on the 4th July. It would irresponsible for us to delay as we would be putting jobs at risk. To open without proper forward planning would also be wrong. We cannot wait for the Government to make a decision.”

Starting a sentence with “so” is about to become the least of his worries. Borg-Neal appears to have started a boozy insurrection all by himself, as he replied to his own message saying he’s had “numerous messages of support from other publicans vowing to open on the 4th” as well, so it looks like we could be about to Pull an America and declare lockdown over all by ourselves, because the beer kitty is filled to bursting and we can’t wait to sit in the sun and luxuriate in the glow from that third summer evening pint. [Twitter via Metro]


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