Quade Cooper kicks a ball at his friend carrying coffee and knocks all the cups out of his hands


Rugby star Quade Cooper has cracked up fans with a hilarious Instagram video of a practical joke.

The former Wallaby is filmed booting a rugby ball at a friend carrying a tray full of coffees. 

‘Here he is, he is coming,’ Cooper said to the camera.

‘100 bucks I can hit him… and he just got a new shirt.’ 

The 31-year-old then booted the ball into his friend, knocking him and the drinks to the ground.  

‘Aww… you f***ing serious?’ the man screamed, as Cooper and the videographer ran away in hysterics.  

Fans were quick to comment on the video including All Black Beauden Barrett and Black Ferns Sevens star Niall Williams. 

‘I can’t – the new shirt, the chase, “serious” Hahahaha,’ Williams wrote. 

‘That was on the money,’ someone else added. 

But many fans noticed that the ‘prank’ may have been staged. 

‘How many takes did that take? The blue car parked up suddenly disappears,’ one fan wrote.

‘What I like best about this, Quade is the magic trick you pulled with the blue car,’ another comment read.   

Other social media users were unfazed over the stunt’s authenticity.

‘Couldn’t give a hoot whether it’s fake or not, it’s still funny as f***’. 

Cooper recently started his first season with the Japanese Rugby team Kintetsu Liners in the country’s second division competition after leaving the Melbourne Rebels last year. 

He has been in a relationship with former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic, 32, since 2014. 




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