Queen in waiting? Camilla dazzles in regal outfit VERY similar to the Queen


CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, looked regal at yesterday’s Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace with an outfit very similar to Queen Elizabeth II’s.

Camilla dazzled the 1,000 guests at Buckingham Palace with a white pearl full-length gown featuring white embroiled decorations paired with elegant silver earrings and a pearl necklace – an outfit very similar to the one chosen by the Queen. The Duchess of Cornwall arrived at the palace with Prince Charles wearing an outfit by Bruce Oldfield. 

Similarly, the monarch wore a full-length white gown, decorated with white netting details, by her trusted dressmaker Angela Kelly.

The Queen paired her outfit with white gloves, an emerald necklace and the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara, with pearl drops.

Both the Queen and Camilla wore on their lapels honours called Royal Family Order.

But, while Camilla wore the Royal Family Order of Elizabeth II, the Queen had pinned just above her heart the Royal Family Order of King George V and of King George VI. 

These honours have been bestowed on female members of the Royal Family by the monarchs since Queen Victoria’s reign.

They are worn only on formal occasions, such as yesterday’s reception, and feature a colourful ribbon and a miniature portrait of the monarch who bestowed that honour.

The portrait has been painted on ivory until 2017. 

After that year, ivory was replaced with glass, bordered by diamonds and surmounted by a Tudor Crown in diamonds and red enamel.

Camilla received the Royal Family Order of Elizabeth II in 2007, two years after she married Prince Charles.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, also received the honour – almost seven years after marrying Prince William, in 2018.

Among other female royals awarded by the Queen with this honour were the late Queen Mother, Princess Diana, Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Camilla paid her respects with her outfit to another member of the Royal Family at yesterday’s reception, as she wore the Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara – which had belonged to the Queen Mother, Prince Charles’s beloved grandmother.

The monarch’s mother received it in 1942 following the death of Dame Margaret Helen Greville, a socialite and philanthropist who had it made for herself in 1921.

In 1953, the Queen Mother took the tiara to Cartier and made it even bigger by adding to the top line and finishing it off with a marquis-shaped diamond in the centre.      

The Diplomatic Reception takes place once a year in December, and sees more almost 1,000 people, including ambassadors, high commissioners and Government officials, in attendance.

This event requires its guest to adhere to a strict formal dress code.

Guests had to abide by a strict “white tie and decorations” dress code – consisting in tailcoats for the gentlemen and full-length gowns for the ladies in attendance.

Female royals had to complete their looks with tiaras and display their Royal Orders. 

However, guests were not offered a sit-down meal featuring multiple courses.

According to the programme of the reception held in 2017, guests are offered a buffet supper.

And, because of the number of the attendees, guests are usually split into two sittings, taking place at two different times in different rooms of the palace.

State Banquets, which demands a very similar formal dress codes but sees guests eating a multiple-course meal, are usually attended by a maximum of 150 guests. 


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