Queen news: How many prime ministers has the Queen had? When is Queen’s speech?


THE QUEEN met Boris Johnson at Buckingham Palace to officiate his return as Britain’s prime minister. The Queen has been on the throne for 67 years and seen in every new prime minister in that time but how many prime ministers has the Queen had?

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and acceded the throne in 1952. As head of state, the Queen maintains a working relationship with the prime minister and they have weekly meetings. Winston Churchill was her first prime minister but how many has she worked with since?

How many prime ministers has the Queen had?

Boris Johnson is the Queen’s 14th prime minister.

Following yesterday’s general election the Tory leader has met the Queen to ask her to form a Government.

Mr Johnson first became Prime Minister in July after winning the Tory leadership election.

Thursday’s snap election saw him keep hold of the top job and return to Downing Street for a five year term.

The Queen is a constitutional monarch and as Head of State she must remain politically neutral.

While the Queen has weekly meetings with Britain’s prime minister she does not show a political leaning.

The Queen’s role is ceremonial as opposed to political and she forms a vital part of the British legislature.

The British legislature or “Queen in Parliament” is made up of the Sovereign, the House of Commons on the House of Lords.

When is the Queen’s speech?

Following a general election, the Queen is responsible for the next State Opening of Parliament when a new government is formed.

According to the House of Commons Library the time frame for the Queen’s Speech is decided by the Government, so will be a question for them.

However, neither House can proceed with any public business until there has been one.

As Boris Johnson is keen to get his Brexit deal through the Commons ahead of Christmas a Queen’s Speech will likely take place in the coming days.

The speech is read by the Queen in the House of Lords Chamber and outlines the Government’s programme of legislation and policies for the coming year.

The speech is written by the Government and not by Her Majesty.

While there were fears a hung parliament could put the Queen’s Christmas plans on hold, the Tory majority should she will be able to travel to Sandringham as usual.

The Queen usually leaves London to travel to Sandringham by train a few days before Christmas.

Royal family members join the Queen at her Sandringham home on Christmas Day and they often attend church together.

This year Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will skip Christmas with the Queen as they are due to spend with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland instead.

How many prime ministers has the Queen had?

When is the Queen’s speech?


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