Rachel Riley hits out at vile racist abuse and death threats after standing up to Corbyn


THE LABOUR PARTY has been accused of anti-semitism and racism after its leader Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and now Countdown co-host Rachel Riley has spoken out about the abuse and death threats she has experienced since standing up to Labour.

The television personality and mathematician who is best known for co-hosting Channel 4’s Countdown has become a prominent figure against Mr Corbyn. Ms Riley spoke to the Campaign Against Corbynism about the abuse and death threats she has received for taking on Labour’s Mr Corbyn.

Ms Riley explained how she also believes Mr Corbyn is personally an anti-semite.

She said: “I’m still shocked every day really.

“I put myself out there knowing that I wasn’t political so I didn’t think I could be written off because I was from the other side.

“I’d been in the public eye for at that point ten years and I used my platform to promote pet charities and STEM subjects for girls.

“The level of abuse I’ve had – I mean I can’t post anything anymore – I literally post a picture of my Christmas tree or a picture of my three year old nephew and I get anti-Semitic abuse back.

“I’ve been called a Nazi, a paedophile, a white supremacist, I work for Mossad or Israel…when they’re resorting to saying my husband is a Russian spy, all this kind of c**p, then I know their arguments are very flimsy.”

The television personality also said she has had to to increase the amount of security around her home and workplace.

She continued: “It is genuinely worrying.

“I’ve had a few veiled death threats which I’ve gone to the police about and I’ve increased my security at work and at home because you don’t know, you don’t know if people actually believe these things written about you what them might do and it only takes one person.”

According to the mathematician, there is “no doubt in her mind” that Labour is also an institutionally racist party.

“I definitely consider them to be institutionally racist, there’s no doubt in my mind.

“The kind of complaints that I’ve seen Labour Against Antisemitism putting in that have been ignored.

“It seemed action was only taken when they were forced to in the press.”

Ms Riley also said she originally gave Mr Corbyn the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was not an anti-semite.

But on closer inspection, Ms Riley changed her mind and realised that by surrounding himself with anti-semites, he must align himself with their beliefs.

She said: “To start with I assumed he wasn’t an anti-Semite.

“I just assumed he was ignorant and needed education but the more I’ve gone on this journey – I personally think he’s anti-Semitic, if you put his actions onto anybody else you would instantly say anti-Semitic.

“I think the only people are reluctant to say that is because he’s leader of the Labour Party time after time after time he embraces anti-Semites and I don’t understand how someone who isn’t themselves in agreement with these views can accidentally find themselves sharing platforms with them time after time after time.

“Personally I do think he’s an anti-Semite.”

However, Mr Corbyn said he is “very sorry for everything that has happened” in regard to anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

“Our party and me do not accept anti-Semitism in any form. Obviously I am very sorry for everything that has happened, but I want to make this clear – I am dealing with it, I have dealt with it.

“Other parties are also affected by anti-Semitism. Candidates have been withdrawn by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives, and by us, because of it. We just do not accept it in any form whatsoever.”


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