Racing Point Plans For New Factory Pushed Back Another Year


When Lawrence Stroll took the reins of then, Force India in 2018, there were plans announced for a new factory. Two years later, Chief Executive Otmar Szafnauer has revealed that the date has been pushed by at least a year.

Szafnauer indicated they were on a tight timeframe in any case. It was reportedly a project plan that was ambitious, considering they were supposed to break ground during the first quarter of this year. The plant was supposed to be finished so they could move in by August 2021.

According to Formula 1 news, Racing Point is still operating from the plant constructed to house the Jordanian team ahead of its debut in 1991.

Apparently, Formula 1 teams had their imposed break because of COVID-19, so the factory was put on hold. Szafnauer also stated they lost a lot of time because of the government’s virus situation and the regulations put in place. There was no way they were going to make the earlier set completion date.

They looked at the situation, and it only made sense to move the plans by an entire year because the August break is the best time to move the factories without disrupting the rest of the organization.

He indicated that the factory they use at present was built in the late 1980s and the intended capacity was for 150 people. Now, the firm is bursting at the seams, so there are pockets of engineers working in different locations.

It would be more efficient if everyone could work under one roof, hence needing a larger new plant. The simulators are currently in a different location, as is the wind tunnel and the model makers, according to reports.

Racing Point is also going to be rebranded again for the next year as Aston Martin following Stroll’s investment in the automaker earlier during the year. It is another reason why there is a need for a new building.


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