Randy seal climbs onto swimmer’s back after mistaking him for a mate


A SWIMMER had to crawl from the sea with a randy seal on his back after it mistook him for a mate.

Rob Wilson, 50, was enjoying a morning dip when the amorous animal approached.

Rob said: “He wanted to play. But when I tried to swim back to the beach he climbed on to my back and put both front paws on my shoulders.

“It was a lot like a dog in season.

“I had to pull myself out by digging my hands into the sand.

“It was actually quite a euphoric feeling being so close to a wild animal like that.

“In a funny way it was a magical experience.

“Having said that, it forgot about me pretty quickly because I was running there a few days later and it was trying it on with a paddle boarder!”

The playful seal, nicknamed Sammy, has tried it on with several male swimmers at Weymouth, Dorset.

Coastguard Mark Fagg urged people to keep their distance.

He added: “I’m not sure of the mating ritual of a seal and I certainly don’t want to find out, clad in rubber or otherwise.”

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