Red Rooster is forced to close two stores after disgusting photos show chicken in a car


Fast food chain Red Rooster has closed two stores after photos emerged showing the restaurant’s chicken being left in the open boot of a car.

A picture of the chickens on rotisserie skewers inside the branded car was taken outside the Red Rooster restaurant in Forrestfield, Perth.

After the photos emerged online, a sign was placed on the door of the store saying it had been ‘closed due to unforeseen circumstances’.

The man who took the photos of the chickens, Mark Copley, said they were being brought into the store from the boot of the car.

‘The boot was lined with cardboard but nothing else. Not wrapped, not refrigerated. The opportunity for cross-contamination is immense, plus the fact food is stored in the danger zone for temperature,’ he told 10 Daily.

Red Rooster said they were temporarily closing stores in Waypoint and Forrestfield.

‘Following concerning matters being brought to our attention through a social media post, Red Rooster has made the decision to temporarily close two restaurants,’ the company said in a statement.

‘These stores will remain closed while detailed investigations are conducted, required actions are taken and we are satisfied that the operation standards of these locations meet the high expectations of our strict brand standards.

‘As a precaution, all potentially impacted product has been removed and disposed of.

‘All surfaces, equipment and facilities have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Supplier deliveries have been suspended until such time stores are approved to reopen.

‘Red Rooster is extremely disappointed by this incident and takes such matters seriously.’ 


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