Relatives will soon be able to visit their loved ones in care homes as lockdown eases, Matt Hancock reveals


RELATIVES will soon be able to visit their loved ones in care homes, the Health Secretary has revealed.

Matt Hancock said he hopes to make changes “in the next few days” after families were banned from visiting care homes throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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Care homes stopped visitors from early March – even before the government introduced the order.

But Mr Hancock revealed that visits would soon take place in a “careful” way.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Hancock said: “We’ve been very very careful to ensure that visitors don’t bring coronavirus back into a care home but in the next few days we will be setting out how covid secure visiting can happen in care homes.

“How we can have more visits of loved ones in a way that is very careful and in a way that keeps care homes safe.

“There’ll be more details soon but I think that people are yearning to see their loved ones and the residents of care homes get so much from visitors.

“It’s been a very, very long period and that period where there hasn’t been any visiting to care homes, that’s coming to an end very soon.”

Asked if visits could start next week, he added: “I very much hope that in the next few days we’ll be able to make this change.



“I hope you understand we’ve been very careful about it and we’ve got to get it right.

“We’ve got to make sure it works for each local area but I hope we can make that change very soon.”

Mr Hancock also hinted at a pay rise for care workers after the crisis saying: “I can’t make a financial announcement now but I think you can see where my heart lies.”

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