Rented e-Scooters are Legal from Saturday, But Private Ones are Still Banned


Back in May the government announced that it was fast-tracking e-scooter legalisation, so people could whiz around the streets in a post-lockdown Britain and stay off public transport. There’s a huge catch, though. While rental e-scooters are going to be permissible in the eyes of the law, private ones won’t.

Doesn’t quite make much sense really, does it?

According to BBC news is set to line out rules that e-scooter rental firms and riders have to abide by. Particularly rules about speed limits (15mph) and where the scooters can be left, mainly because foreign cities have experienced problems with scooters being dumped in the street.

Those rules do not include wearing helmets, which are expected to be recommended but not mandatory. So start the clock and wait for some kid or teenager to wind up with a serious head injury, and just watch the tabloids and absent-minded parents call for e-scooters be be made illegal again.

But back to the more important point: private e-scooters are still illegal. Because this is still officially a trial, and isn’t a green light for people to spend a fortune on their own scooter – instead of a fortune on renting one to get to work every day.

Not that it’s going to stop a lot of people, or that the police have the resource to enforce the distinction, which makes it all the more pointless.

But baby steps, I guess? [BBC News]

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash


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