Retired cop buy and painstakingly restores his late dad’s police car after spotting it on eBay


A RETIRED cop bought his late dad’s police car after spotting it on eBay — and even found his signed paperwork inside.

Greg Barnett, 47, recognised the 1978 Vauxhall VX90 could be the same motor as the one he rode in as a kid.

Dad Barrie, who died aged 65 in 2007, was a driving instructor for Durham Constabulary.

The car ended up with a restorer in Somerset who put it online for £9,000.

Greg, from Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham., said: “I found it on eBay. I was round my cousin’s house doing some work and he said he’d seen this car.

“He used to work at the police too – he said he probably painted it! I looked at it and said: ‘That looks like Dad’s car’.

“He was flicking through the photographs – that’s when I saw the oil and fuel chits.

“That was it – you could have picked me up off the floor after that! The last time I saw it was in 2008 or 2009.

“I was gobsmacked when I saw the receipts with my father’s signature on it – it blew me away.

“It brought a lot of memories flooding back. It’s as if the car has come back home.”

Restorer Nathan Willmott, 41, said: “It’s the only British police car of its kind in existence. It’s fate that Greg found it.”

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