Retired Wiggle Greg Page vows to learn life-saving CPR after suffering a cardiac arrest on stage


Retired Wiggle Greg Page has vowed to learn CPR after suffering a heart attack last month. 

The 48-year-old revealed took took three shocks from a defibrillator to restart his heart. 

The Yellow Wiggle explained he felt he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the quick-acting bystanders who knew CPR. 

‘My heart was shocked back into rhythm with three shots of the AED by a nurse and bystanders who happened to be at the show and knew how to use the defibrillator,’ Greg told The Sunday Telegraph on Thursday. 

He added: ‘It is only due to CPR that was commenced so quickly, the fact that the Castle Hill RSL Club had an AED on site and readily available.

‘And that there were people around who knew how to use the machine, that I am able to tell you this story myself.’ 

He went on to share his gratitude for the people who ‘stepped up’ and used their life-saving skills.  

Greg thanked Steve Pace, Grace Jones, Kim Antonelli and Dr. Therese Wales and the other members of the Wiggles crew for helping him survive.

The traumatic event has pushed Greg to want to learn CPR, along with the Blue Wiggle Anthony Field. 

Anthony broke down in tears as he recalled the moment cast, crew and an event-goer saved Greg Page after his cardiac arrest on stage. 

‘He was gone. He came off stage and collapsed and there was no pulse, there was no breathing. They really brought Greg back,’ he told 7News. 

Greg is currently continuing his recovery at home, after being discharged from Westmead Hospital on January 22.   


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