Revised VE Day Plan is Now Watching the Queen on Telly


We were supposed to be packing the streets, stringing up bunting, waving flags and eating egg mayo sandwiches in close proximity to each other on Friday May 8, but that’s all in the bin now. So instead, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we’ll sit at home and watch the Queen on TV again.

A new speech from the Queen, who’s old enough to have been there and old enough to have driven home when her dad King Something the Somethingth made the original VE Day address in 1945, after Churchill had spoiler-ed it by doing the same earlier in the day. That was also May 8, hence the controversial decision to move this year’s early May bank holiday to Friday the 8th, so we can all… oh. Whoops.

The Queen’s pre-recorded message will be broadcast at 9pm; the same hour her father made his back in 1945. She will probably say how we never had it so good for ages, but now face a new challenge, and we shall overcome that too, because we have tea towels with union flags on we can use as face masks and so on. A two-minute silence is planned for 11am on the 8th, the BBC is rebroadcasting Churchill’s 3pm victory speech too, and the Prince of Wales will read a bit from King George VI’s diary from 8 May 1945. It’ll be well patriotic, mate. [GOV via BBC]


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