Rihanna Previews Fenty Skin Products Before Release, But Fans Just Want New Album Update


Despite the 2017 debut of Fenty Beauty and the recent announcement that Fenty Skin will officially be released on July 31, Rihanna’s fans have continued to ask for details regarding a new album, which has been affectionately referred to by her Navy as R9. However, the “Umbrella” singer instead offered a different type of update on Monday when her brand’s official YouTube channel released a new video highlighting a bit of what’s to come in the soon-to-be-released skincare line.

In the video, Rihanna discussed what went into creating the new assortment of products and shared that one of her biggest goals in creating Fenty Beauty was creating makeup that looked like skin. Leading up to the creation of Fenty Skin, the singer said she had been focused on finding “the best ingredients” and creating affordable products that are better than anything she had used or encountered in the past. 

Additionally, she said that because she’s a woman of color, she had found herself hesitant to buy skincare products in the past, which is why she leaned so heavily into creating items for Fenty fans that are “comfortable, effective, and credible.”

The singer also revealed that during the creation process she focused on minimizing packaging, incorporating recyclable materials, and allowing containers to be refilled. As a result of the environmental focus, Fenty Skin’s SPF moisturizer is, as Rihanna says, “coral reef-friendly.”

Other ingredients were also intentionally used that are not only effective but have a personal meaning to Rihanna herself, including the Barbados cherry, Kalahari melon, fig, and quince. The entire clip can be seen below.

However, many Rihanna fans were not happy with the news. After the video’s release, some took to Twitter to express their desire for information about a new album, as seen below. 

Rihanna’s fans looking for more information about Fenty Skin can sign up on for updates on the beauty brand’s website in order to obtain early access on Wednesday.


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