Robot sex expert and Fraser Anning candidate is given Queen’s birthday honour


A candidate for Fraser Anning’s far-right party who is a robot sex expert has been included in the Queen’s birthday honours.

Professor Adrian David Cheok, 47, was given the Order of Australia for ‘significant service to international education’ on June 10.

The academic, who ran for the South Australian seat of Boothby, is an artificial intelligence expert and heads the Love and Sex with Robots Conference.

The conference was meant to be held in Malaysia in 2015 but was banned because the it was deemed ‘illegal’.

At the federal election last month Professor Cheok attracted 868 votes in the lower house seat of Boothby in South Australia. 

Professor Cheok hosted the event in London, where the audience discussed if child sex robots were a solution for paedophiles.

Professor Cheok, who was a former member of the Palmer United party, joined Fraser Anning’s party after  being told by Australians to ‘dumb’ down his policies.

He was blasted online after posting a picture of Labor politician Penny Wong, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and deputy leader Richard Marles to Twitter with the caption ‘Two-and-a-half-men’.

Professor Cheok posted the photo with the comment: ‘AUSTRALIA’S worst politician Penny Wong!’

He has also reposted a picture of a woman in a burqa at a voting booth saying: ‘Who or what is voting for what or whom?’

The artificial intelligence expert and Adelaide University alumnus is the director of the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia.

The human-computer interface specialist, who is also a visiting professor at i-University in Tokyo and Malaysia’s Raffles University, has published over 200 research papers.

He will hold the Love and Sex with Robots Conference in Brussels this year.

‘It’s going to be so much easier, so much more convenient to have sex with a robot. You can have exactly what kind of sex you want,’ he told News Corp in 2016.

‘That’s going to be the future.’



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