Ronaldo Made Manchester United Legend ‘Nearly Wet’ Himself


A former record-breaking Manchester United star said he “nearly wet himself” after seeing Ronaldo for the very first time.

Andy Cole moved to Manchester United from Newcastle in January 1995 after a then-record-breaking £7 million ($8.8 million) deal. The English forward did not fail to deliver and went on to have a remarkable career at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership, scoring a total of 121 goals in 275 appearances. However, Cole admitted that though he was already a promising player at the time, he was still stunned after seeing all-time greats such Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo in the flesh.

In a lengthy talk with “The Beautiful Game Podcast,” Cole revealed how starstruck he was the very first time he met the Brazilian legend Ronaldo. According to the ex-United star, it was the Champions League quarter-final against Inter Milan in the San Siro tunnel when he stood inches away from “Il Fenomeno.” Cole had a tremendous season at the time, but all of that seemed to have been out of his mind when they finally lined up in the tunnel and went face-to-face with Ronaldo.

“I remember when we played Inter Milan that same season and I lined up in the tunnel and I saw Ronaldo. I’m not gonna lie, I nearly wet myself!” Cole revealed.

“This is the guy I’ve watched for years. I’m talking about a baller, a straight baller. He had everything in the locker and I’m standing in the tunnel at the San Siro and I’m saying ‘This is sick!’” he continued.

Fortunately, Cole managed to regain composure and get his head on straight. He was able to convince himself that he’s already at the same level as Ronaldo, and he was there for a reason – to beat them.

“But when you’re at that level and you think, ‘Man, I’m actually at this level with these guys. I’m on the same pitch as these guys, I’m on that level.’ it’s surreal,” Cole recalled.

Though the experience might be a bit embarrassing to other soccer stars, Cole admitted that he was “always honest and open” about it. The Man United legend clearly has no regrets as he is secured that he has “done alright and had half made it.”

“Original” Ronaldo is regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of soccer. In fact, his name is still being mentioned in GOAT debates even to this day.



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