Round-the-clock surveillance on Shamima Begum could ‘cost taxpayers £10million’ over her lifetime


ROUND-the-clock surveillance of Shamima Begum could cost taxpayers £10million over her lifetime, it’s claimed.

The IS fanatic would be monitored by cops and security services on her return if she doesn’t face immediate custody.

She could be placed on a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure with only a handful of other suspects.

Accommodation costs can reach £70,000 with tracking costs on top.

She was stripped of her citizenship by the government but judges ruled she should be allowed to return from a refugee camp in Syria to fight the legal case.

Dr Alan Mendoza of the Henry Jackson Society think-tank said: “It beggars belief that the taxpayer will likely have to fund a lifetime bill for Shamima Begum.

Her family lawyer Tasnime Akunjee has admitted he can’t be certain that the 20-year-old doesn’t pose a terror threat.

“This money — that could reach £10million — would be better spent on the real victims of terrorism in the UK.”

Ex-Home Secretary Sajid Javid who made the original decision to revoke citizenship said it would be impossible to remove her once she arrives in the UK.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland is set to appoint a five-strong independent panel to stop judicial reviews being used to make political decisions.

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