Rule-breaking Brits flout restrictions and share videos of themselves not covering-up in stores


BRITS have been gleefully sharing videos of themselves flouting coronavirus prevention rules and antagonising those who are doing their bit to help the country fight the virus.

One ‘anti-lockdown’ supporter boldly announced on Twitter that she refused to clap for the NHS, claiming they are “paid to do their job”.

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Lara Crabb shared a video of her shopping in a farm store and Tesco without wearing a face covering, saying that people were avoiding her “like the plague”.

Her profile is linked to a website for the anti-lockdown group “Keep Britain Free”.

She said as well as people avoiding her, she claimed some shoppers were pushing trollies around her like she was “some big obstruction”.

She wrote on Twitter: “Didn’t clap for the NHS once.

“They are paid to do their job. Haven’t clapped for a Sky Sports cameraman/woman either but would prefer to clap for one of them.

“Definitely anti vaccines. Did not vote Brexit. Don’t believe in Martians or flat earth.”

“You can sort of see it in people’s eyes what they’re thinking when they see you without a mask, it’s so sad that it’s come to this.”

As she walked around the shop she said she “never felt so uncomfortable in a shop” in “all her life” and noted that the staff were “amazing” and “looked at her like a normal customer”.

Meanwhile tattoo artist Aron Walton filmed himself strolling into a Sainsbury’s branch without a face covering.

He said face coverings were useless and told staff they couldn’t enforce the new policy.

Another man, who has hidden under the moniker “Mr Grunter”, shared a video of him entering a Boots store and asked a guard if he could enter without a mask, claiming he “couldn’t wear one”.

Meanwhile, Reis Daniel posted a shocking video of him appearing to take a bag of sweets without paying, and captioned it “play by your own rules”.

It shows him saying “f*** it, I’m going in” before he is told to wear a mask by a member of staff.

He then says: “man, that’s rough” before grabbing a bag of sweets and running out of the shop.

It comes after McDonald’s customers were kicked out for not wearing face masks – but other shops are ignoring the new rule and cops say it can’t be enforced.

There has been confusion after Sainsbury’s, Asda, Co-Op and Costa Coffee say they won’t police the law.

People now have to wear face masks in shops, supermarkets stations, banks, petrol stations and post offices – and anyone refusing to do so can be fined up to £100.

But some companies say they won’t be acting to enforce that law, which also requires people to cover their faces in all transport hubs, shopping centres and petrol stations.

And police said the new rule is ‘impossible’ to implement.

Adding to the confusion, customers who sit down to eat, as well as those in pubs, can go without a mask – but anyone buying a takeaway must cover up.

Meanwhile, people have reported seeing fights break out in supermarkets, with masked shoppers confronting those not wearing a covering. 

One person told MailOnline: “10:05am I entered Sainsbury’s, 10:08am there’s a fight in the second aisle because someone hasn’t got a mask on and the lady with her kid was panicking and shouting at the anti-masker.

“End result? 

“Lady picks up a tub of double cream and throws it in their face.”

Cops are now urging shops to refuse entry to people not wearing face coverings, with John Apter, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, saying: “I would urge retail outlets to play their part in making the rules crystal clear – if you are not wearing a face covering then you are not coming in.

“Officers will be there to help stores if needed – but only as a last resort, as we simply do not have the resources.”

Speaking about those who might have exemptions, Mr Apter added: “If you’re out shopping and you see somebody not wearing a face covering it may be because they have a hidden disability. Don’t jump to conclusions, don’t have a go at them. This is new for us all, it’s about keeping each other safe. Please be nice!”

Jim Corr, guitarist for nineties band The Corrs sparked controversy when he posted anti-mask rants.

The 55-year-old Irish musician who has been rallying against the new restrictions also claimed masks and lockdown was “never necessary for a virus with 0.2% mortality, the same as seasonal flu.”

He defended Lara Crabb who was attacked online for her antagonist video, saying: “This lady needs some love right now, she’s disturbed an angry nest of abusive trolls for her views on masks.”


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