Russia condemns extension of EU sanctions



The EU has missed an opportunity to break a deadlock in relations with Russia by extending sanctions, the country’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday. 

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Maria Zakharova said Brussels continues its “accusatory rhetoric” instead of trying “to jointly look for common ground.”

“We call on the EU to abandon the policy of unilateral restrictions that do not comply with the norms and spirit of international law,” she said.

Zakharova went on to slamming the new US sanctions on three Russian individuals over allegations of interfering in the election campaign, saying “such actions will not give the result Washington is looking for.”

The EU on Thursday officially extended its sanctions on the Russian finance, energy, and defense sectors over violations of Ukraine’s territory for another six months.

The measures, renewed until March 15, 2021, include travel restrictions and freezing of assets, targeting 175 people and 44 entities.

The same day the US designated three Russians and one Ukrainian for allegedly attempting to influence the American presidential elections in November.


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