Ryanair Says Yes to Face Masks but Brands Quarantine Idea “Nonsense”


Ryanair can’t wait to get back to flying us all to airports we didn’t know existed until the booking confirmation arrived, to such an extent that it thinks it may have as much as 40 per cent of its usual schedule in place by early July –  even if the government pushes ahead with the weird plan to start quarantining arrivals, months after it might’ve been a help.

Boss Michael O’Leary accuses the government of “making stuff up as they go along” when it comes to the possibility of a 14-day quarantine for arrivals, saying this is “unenforceable and unpoliceable” as he thinks that a mixture of tamer measures, like face masks, compulsory temperature checks for staff and passengers, contactless-only payments and a hands-up system for the toilets is perfectly safe enough.

O’Leary’s numbers say around 1,000 flights per day could be operating by July 1, with those planes running about 50-60 per cent full. He’s doing it to “offer the people a holiday” before the schools go back in September, and is obviously keen to keep the option of flying around Europe in people’s minds, lest we decide sitting at home is nicer and cheaper and not quite so environmentally damaging.

He will be selling the middle seats, though, saying it’s vital for business and ideal for family groups, and can’t wait to “restart the tourism industry” in the UK and EU as soon as possible. [Sky News]


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