Scotland Considers Quarantining Out the English if Coronavirus Cases Rise Down South


Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon may be about to unleash every form of hell on social media, as the political leader of the country has said the option of quarantining English arrivals in Scotland remains on the table.

It would infuriate many, as the Scottish tourism industry is currently closed. Plenty of people who make their money from English people rolling up in Range Rovers would be furious about a quarantine on holidaying southerners, but then again, Scotland appears to be doing a much better job of cracking down on coronavirus infections, so there’s another rival group who don’t want tourists coming in at all and undoing the good work of the last few months of shut-ins. It is such a hot potato that it is currently burning through the polished concrete floor of the kitchen.

Sturgeon’s actual words on the matter were that “…I said I’ve no plans to introduce anything like this just now but I’m not ruling anything out, if it’s required from a public health perspective,” adding that such a move would only be introduced if there was a “divergence” between the paths of the disease in England and in Scotland. As in, if cases in England start rocketing, tourism to the glens and visits to Scottish Granny may be off, or at least delayed by a 14-day forced initial stopover in one of Glasgow’s many lovely heritage Travelodges. [Guardian]


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