Senior doctors claim that two more children died in a Glasgow hospital after contracting infections.


Senior doctors claim that two more children died at a Glasgow hospital after contracting infections.

Following allegations regarding Andrew Slorance’s death, two senior clinicians at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital revealed the cases.

Two more children are said to have died as a result of infections contracted while being treated at Glasgow’s flagship hospital, prompting calls for the health board’s leadership to be fired.

Two senior clinicians at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QUEH) made the claims in the wake of last week’s developments surrounding Andrew Slorance’s death.

Last year, he died in a hospital after contracting Covid while being treated for cancer, but his wife later discovered he had also been infected with aspergillus, a potentially fatal fungus.

Louise Slorance claimed she only found out about the hospital after reading his medical records, and that it was a “serious risk to vulnerable patients.”

Two senior doctors at the hospital contacted Labour leader Anas Sarwar after she spoke out last week, claiming that there had been two other deaths linked to similar infections.

One case involved a cancer patient on the same ward as Mr Slorance who was also found to be infected with aspergillus and died two weeks before him.

Another child died at the hospital in the last few months after contracting stenotrophomonas, a water-borne infection similar to the one that killed 10-year-old Milly Main in 2017 after she received leukaemia treatment at the QEUH.

Due to a culture of “bullying and intimidation” at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC), both clinicians said they were afraid to identify themselves.

“I believe there are serious questions for the health board and the Scottish Government,” one person said.

Is everything they’re doing to keep people safe enough?

“Aspergillus was found in the same ward as Andrew Slorance around the same time.

What did the health board do to investigate it?

“Did they look for a source in the environment, and could this have prevented future infections?”

They went on to say that because the two infections happened within a fortnight on the same ward, hospital chiefs should have filed a “red report” and the Health Secretary should have been notified.

According to the other clinician, there is a “culture of denial and the”.

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Senior doctors claim that two more children died at a Glasgow hospital after contracting infections.

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Two more children died at Glasgow hospital after contracting infections, senior doctors claim

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