SHELLSHOCKED! Corbyn emerges looking frail and sick as scale of Labour disaster sinks in


A VISIBLY shaken Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted for the first time since a Tory landslide was predicted last night.

Appearing amongst supporters in Islington his face looked ashen as he made the rounds.

Many commentators now expect Mr Corbyn to step down shortly after what is set to be Labours worst performance since the time of Margaret Thatcher.

As it stands the Conservatives are projected to achieve a commanding majority of 86 seats.

This places Boris Johnson in the perfect position to enact his campaign promise “to get Brexit done”.

The forecasted result is a majorly disappointing one for the Labour Party who have seen a loss of 50 seats with many blaming a neglect of traditional Labour heartlands who support Brexit.

The Labour Party now is projected to only hold 191 seats.

The SNP is set to do well increasing their hold of Scotland with a new seat share of 55.

The increase in their influence should now give Nicola Sturgeon a much greater weight in calling for a second independence referendum.

In one of the earliest seats announced the Conservative Party took Blyth Valley from the Labour Party for the first time ever as the 2019 general election results begin to pour in.

The third result of the general election has delivered a significant blow to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as the Tories steal Blyth Valley, a former mining community in the north of England.

The result has been branded a huge moment and a predictor of what’s to come as Labour are on course for a colossal electoral defeat.

The seat was won by a slim majority of 712 votes and was predicted to be Labour’s 85th most vulnerable seat.

BBC anchorman Huw Edwards said: “That is one of the biggest moments of the night. This is the Conservative Party taking the former mining community of Blythe Valley from Labour. That is a very significant pointer.”

With a predicted loss of so many Labour strongholds in the North many within the party are now predicting Conservative dominance for another generation.

Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour MP Gareth Snell said: “I’m going to lose badly and this is the start of 20 years of Tory rule”. He won the seat last time with a majority of, 3897.

Faced with such a poor result a question mark now hangs over Jeremy Corbyn’s continued leadership.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell ruled out taking over the position saying he will not serve “either as a temporary or a permanent” leader of the Labour Party if Jeremy Corbyn were to stand down.

Speaking on Sky News, he said: “The poll itself, I think it looks as though it’s Brexit dominated, a lot of this I think was Brexit fatigue, people just wanted it over and done with and it put Labour in a very difficult position.”

Mr McDonnell added: “But also, it is about installing what is generally seen as the most right-wing extreme cabinet that we’ve seen in our history, and it means therefore, if they have a large majority like this, they will have, therefore, the opportunity to introduce some quite reactionary policies.

“If the electorate have decided this way, that’s democracy, you have to respect it. But I don’t think it will bring the country together, I think it will be divided still.”

Lamenting the reasons for loss Mr McDonnell said: “It was a Brexit election. I hate to use this phrase but I think they really did want to get Brexit done.
“If the result is anywhere near the exit poll then it is extremely disappointing.

“I thought other issues would get through and there would be a wider debate but that clearly hasn’t happened.

“The big issue was Brexit, the people wanted a decision. Even people who voted Remain just said let’s get this out of the way now.”


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