Shocking moment Amazon delivery driver wees outside house then carries on posting parcels without sanitising his hands


AN AMAZON delivery driver has been caught on camera urinating outside a family’s house before carrying on posting parcels without sanitising his hands.

Disgusted Sarah Merrix, 44, slammed the behaviour as “unacceptable” and shared the revolting footage online.

In the clip, taken on Thursday, the driver is seen relieving himself against Sarah’s garage before continuing to handle post.

The video begins with the driver parked up on the street in Portsmouth.

He jumps out and pops the boot to reveal a load of parcels bearing the Amazon logo.

He then walks over to Sarah’s garage, unzips his shorts and begins to urinate.

The man looks around quickly before fastening his shorts and heads back to the car, treading in the puddle of pee as he goes.

Without washing or sanitising his hands, he then picks up several boxes from his boot ready to deliver.

A horrified Sarah took to social media to complain to Amazon, saying: “Can you please explain to me why your driver is taking a p*** against my garage?

“Is this acceptable behaviour, I suggest you trace him and send him back to clean my garage.

“If he is not available then I suggest you send professional cleaners. Before I send this video to the police.

“Also as it’s been pointed out, as I was too angry at the start.

e didn’t wash his hands with water or even antibacterial wash, no gloves, and then handed packages to a customer that had no idea what he had done. Disgusting cretin.”

Others on Facebook were just as outraged.

Alister Williams wrote: “All those germs he’s putting all over everyone’s packages! Definitely breaching health and safety.”

Natalie Reynolds added: “Jesus especially in the current situation we can’t even cough or sneeze let alone urinate on someone’s property! Gross.”

And Stephen Morgan said: “That is disgusting.”

Sarah said the ordeal was made even worse by the fact she recently lost her partner, Dom Merrix, to coronavirus.

Speaking today, customer service adviser Sarah said: “This Covid-19 is very raw to us and I am trying to get the point over that his actions could harm someone.

“I lost my partner 18 weeks ago to this virus. I don’t want sympathy, I just want to get the seriousness of hygiene out there.

“I’m angry and upset. It’s just disgusting my 10-year-old opens that garage and if I hadn’t had an alert of motion I wouldn’t have known.

“She or I could have put our hands in it or anything, plus the lady he delivered to was unaware he had done this. I don’t think they seem to understand the seriousness of this.”

She added: “All their staff should be wearing masks and gloves when delivering.

“They should have some sort of device that if they need to go to the toilet they can use it in their car away from public eyes, kids play out in my street.

“I’d like a professional clean or maybe a new garage door as there is now a smell of urine during the heat.

“I think they should also apologise to the lady down the road and send her a bunch of flowers too.”

Amazon apologised, offered a professional clean and a hamper, and confirmed the self-employed driver has been sacked.

A company spokesperson told The Sun Online: “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners.

“The driver will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”


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