Shocking moment ‘Karen’ brands masked supermarket shoppers DEMONS and refuses to let them walk down her aisle


A MASKLESS woman was filmed calling people “demons” and ordering them out of a grocery store in the name of Jesus Christ.

The incident took place on Tuesday at a Fred Meyer grocery store in Longview, Washington, where the woman was filmed yelling at fellow customers.

Face coverings are required inside stores to help slow the spread of coronavirus – but this woman was filmed without one.

“I said get off this aisle,” she yelled in the footage. “I command you in Jesus Christ’s name to get off this aisle.”

She continues to shout at other people, standing close to one woman and ordering her to “get off this aisle.

“You are a demon,” she shrieked. “Get off this aisle and buy something.”

A Twitter user shared the video, which rapidly went viral.

“Religious anti-masker with a terrible hair stylist won’t let anyone in the aisle until she can pick out what she wants,” the caption read.

The footage shows masked grocery store employees trying to de-escalate the situation. 

“Back off! Back off!” the woman told them. “You need to leave, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name.”

A different video posted to twitter shows what social media users claim to be the same woman now being pinned to the floor while she screams to be let go.

The identity of the person holding her down is not clear.


“She can say whatever she wants, but she was getting in elderly ladies’ faces and stuff, and that’s not cool,” a bystander can be heard saying.

“It didn’t end well for this Karen though,” the caption of the second video read.


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