Simon the French Bulldog is determined to get HUGE branch into a field 


This is the hilarious moment an adorable French Bulldog is determined to get a huge branch through a gate.  

The dog – named Simon – has gone viral after his owner Jane, from Yorkshire, posted videos of him struggling to carry sticks that are three times as big as he is.

In the clip, Simon runs towards a gate with a huge branch in his mouth. 

However, having no spatial awareness, he bangs both ends of the stick against the wooden fence, causing him to rethink.

He then drops the stick and tries to pull it through from the other side, but that doesn’t work either.

However, the plucky pup eventually figures it out by ducking under an adjacent fence with the stick in his mouth.

In a separate clip Simon is heard screaming like a dinosaur because his stick is on top of the gate and in another he tries to pull a branch from a tree. 

Owner Jane, 26, says: ‘He only likes big sticks, the bigger, heavier and longer the better!

‘Simon is crazy but extremely clever, we class him more as a human than a dog.

‘He is extremely well behaved but can go crazy for sticks and boxes.

‘He also screams like a dinosaur!’

Three-year-old Simon has won a legion of fans on his Instagram account ‘simon.thefrenchbulldog’ where he boasts an impressive 11k followers.


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