Size 10 mum says her 32K breasts have ruined her life 


A size 10 mum has told how her life has been ruined by her 32K breasts, which she says grew eight cup sizes following the birth of her daughter in October 2018.

Natalie Donnan, 21, from Ayrshire, Scotland, says that her out of proportion figure has given her crippling back pains and leaves her looking like a ‘hunchback’.

The mother-of-one says her chest is covered in sores and she struggles to find adequately fitting bras.

Additionally she says she is unable to go to the gym or walk long distances because of the pain – and is harassed by leering men wherever she goes. 

Desperate Natalie is now crowdfunding online to raise £5,000 to have a breast reduction – because the waiting list is too long.

The former ferry stewardess said: ‘They’ve ruined my life in a lot of ways.

‘It’s affected everything from my body image to being able to buy clothes and bras that fit me.

‘They attract unwanted attention all the time and I hate it.

‘I was at work once on a late shift and all these drunk men were hitting on me. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable, it was horrible.

‘I don’t want to wear anything that I feel is sexy and I can’t wear anything that will give me full support.

‘It makes it difficult to find a boyfriend who genuinely cares about me. If I use dating apps all the messages I get are always about my boobs.

‘It feels really degrading, it’s not the kind of attention I want from people.’

The first bra Natalie ever bought at the age of 11 was a 32FF and says she was teased for years about the size of her breasts.

She said: ‘I remember I kept looking at myself in the mirror before school thinking why I didn’t look like everyone else.

‘I was absolutely horrified when I realised my first bra was a FF cup.

‘People used to always poke me in the back and ask what was wrong with my shoulders.’ 

Following the birth of her daughter, Natalie said she went up eight bra sizes baffling doctors.

She said: ‘I had to go three months wearing a bra that didn’t fit because high street shops couldn’t sell one which was my size and I couldn’t’ afford £45 for a new one.

‘I can’t work out properly, I want to but any form of physical exercise is very difficult.

‘I tend to wear clothes that cover my boobs up and I also wear my dad’s jackets so no one can see them.

‘It make me very reluctant to wear certain things because I feel like if I wear something that shows them off too much it’ll attract attention

Natalie says she’s frequently told by other girls they would ‘love’ to have her boobs but says she has a strong message.

She said: ‘I think it’s made out to be better than it is. People don’t realise the health implications like the back pain.

‘It’s causing medical issues and it’s not something that’s self-afflicted, it’s not something that I’ve wanted.’

Natalie is raising money on GoFundMe to pay for a life-changing breast reduction.

She said: ‘I’m trying to raise the money because it will change my life.

‘It would make me comfortable with myself and allow me to exercise whenever I want to.

‘It will give me the ability to live normally and pain-free.’



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