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The tapered national Council of the muscles – rash on the CVP but gave up. Also out of tactical Considerations.

A good three years to build to the higher hurdles for the civil service – fast and unspectacular. Without that, once again, someone had taken the floor together, they crashed in the final vote:

The ‘ no ‘ came out of the blue, even for Ida Glanzmann of the CVP, the President of the Security Commission of the national Council: “I have noticed that many of the Young think differently here. With the old Parliament, everything seemed clear. With the new Parliament, the majorities are become different in the matter.”

The civil service has a higher Reputation among young people. In them, he is more firmly established.

It was, in retrospect, already in December, signs of this development. The newly elected, younger Parliament had decided only a wafer-thin, to talk about the law: That Left, the greens and the green liberals, do not want to exacerbate the access to the civil service, was during all the discussions are always clear.

CVP contacted with a view to fighter jets

It is also clear, that was on the other side to higher hurdles for SVP and the FDP. The rash for the Veto about half of the CVP, which voted ‘ no ‘ today. Under the no-Voice from the CVP, many of the younger, as the 32-year-old URI, Simon Stadler were in fact: “The civil service has a higher Reputation among young people. In them, he is more firmly established.”

The CVP is converted at the last Moment, is a mess.

In addition, there had been but his party also by strategic Considerations. This is in connection with the vote on new fighter jets in the fall: “Otherwise you would have today, with the Referendum (over higher hurdles for the civil service, editor’s note. d. Red.) can start. Then it would be a question of principle military or civil service. It wouldn’t have helped the jets secure.”

Big Trouble in the SVP

That could be the reason why not only young, but also to other CVP-ler no, agreed. Including, according to the official scoreboard, also party President Gerhard Pfister. The greatest Trouble about the no in the case of the SVP, for example, in the case of the security of politician Erich Hess: “That the CVP is converted at the last Moment, is a mess.”

While many Civil find the need to start a new attempt to make the civil service less attractive, sounds of the enemies otherwise. Lisa Mazzone, Councillor of state of the Greens and Co-President of the civil service Association, says: “Now is the time, improvements in the civil service.” And a real equal treatment of military and civilian service – and that women can more easily afford the civil service means.


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