Smarty SIM-Only Deal Gives You Unlimited Data for Just £18 per Month


We’ve got SIM-only deals coming out the wazoo this week, but they’re only small so they’ve passed without incident. And now we’ve scooped them up ready for you to tuck into.

Smarty uses Three’s network in a similar setup to Voxy and Vodafone; so you get to enjoy the reliability of Three’s network with the flexibility of not being tied into a contract, and being able to switch up your pan whenever you like. Smarty has a decent choice of SIM-only plans, starting at 30GB for £10 per month, but it’s just discounted its unlimited data plan by 10 per cent, dropping the price down to just £18 per month.

For the first 12 (continuous) months, you’ll be paying the discounted price of £18 per month. After that, it’s bumped back up to £20 per month. There are no speed caps and you can cancel whenever you like. The promotion runs until July 30, so you’ve got a while to mull it over. If you like having extras thrown in, EE is currently offering 100GB data for £20 per month, and that comes with £165 worth of freebies – but they might be of no interest to you, so the flexibility of Smarty’s plan as well s all that data for so little money may take precedent for you. Either way, there’s a couple of options there for you to look into.


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