Snow falls at polling station: Weather forecast latest as freezing temperatures PLUNGE


SNOW has hit polling stations up and down the country as election voting gets underway today. Here’s the latest cod weather and snow forecast as the temperatures plunge.

Meteogroup forecast – in FULL:

Dozens of constituencies have been hit by heavy snow, with pictures of polling station staff dragging their shovels out to make sure voters can still cast their ballots today. The chilly conditions came as two weather warnings were issued for the UK this morning, with ice and wintry showers expected in parts of Scotland. The yellow weather warnings are in place from 6pm on Wednesday, overnight to 10am on Thursday.

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said: “We have showers passing through many parts of the UK today, and there’s a risk of that turning to ice and there could be some snow in parts of Scotland.

“We are not expecting they will cause any real disruption.

“That is why it is an ice warning, rather than a snow warning.”

Mr Claydon explained that wintry showers were only expected in areas above 200m, adding: “It’s looking unsettled for most, but that’s nothing unusual for the time of year.”

Pictures coming in from the election show dozens of polling stations expected by the chilly conditions.

Outside the village hall in Dalwhinnie in the Cairngorms, in the Highlands of Scotland, one man tries to shovel snow off the road.

While one candidate in another marginal seat not affected by the now-expired warnings has already said she believes weather could affect the vote.

Wendy Chamberlain, who is standing as a Liberal Democrat in North East Fife, told the PA news agency: “There is one part of the constituency near the north, Gauldry, and we were going up it and I said if it’s snowing on December 12 this is probably a place we’re not getting to.

“I think it means that postal votes will be quite critical and a lower turnout might have an impact as well.”

Meteorologists are predicting the rest of the country could be in for a chilly and damp December day.

Forecaster Luke Miall said: “It’s going to be a cold start, with frost and ice across some eastern areas first thing.

“After that, things will be turning wet and windy throughout the day.

“Winds will be particularly strong across the south coast of England, and we will then see some showers following on behind.”

It will stay fairly cold throughout the day, with highs of four to seven degrees in the north of England and highs of 10 further south.

Dr Steve McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies, said the cold weather could lead to lower voter turnout.

He told “One reason that parties are unwilling to have elections late in the year is to avoid dark nights.

“Traditionally, those with the greatest propensity to vote are the old who don’t like going out on cold dark nights.

“This election is taking place within two weeks of the shortest day of the year which means that it will be dark by about 4.00pm for much of the UK.

“This creates a danger of lower turnout when compared to the last GE in 2017 and the EU referendum in 2016, both of which were in June.”

Meteogroup forecast – in FULL:

Tonight (Thursday night): In the evening, rain will affect most areas but clear spells and showers are likely in Wales and south-west England.

Snow is likely at times over northern hills. Through the night, rain will slowly clear eastwards, but Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern and eastern England will remain wet. Windy

Tomorrow (Friday): It will be mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain and hill snow in the north and east.

It will be dry and bright for a time in Wales and southern England before outbreaks of rain spread into the south-west during the evening.

There will be a brisk westerly breeze. Temperatures slightly below average

UK Outlook (Saturday and Sunday): On Saturday it will be bright with showers. The showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the west, some of which may be wintry.

Strong south-westerly winds. Sunday is forecast to be cloudy with rain in southern parts of England and Wales.

It will be bright with wintry showers in the north

Meteogroup forecast – in FULL:


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